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Water Testing

Drinking Water testing is conducted routinely by the cities and towns that supply Drinking Water to the homes and businesses in their municipalities. Yet, we frequently hear or read of Drinking Water problems that theoretically should not occur. Why? The issue is that even with pure Drinking Water supplied by the municipal source, things happen to the Drinking Water between the source and the user.

Some rural clients pump their Drinking Water from private wells. Such Drinking Water wells should be routinely tested for the presence of bacteria and heavy metals among other analytes.

Periodically, we read of out breaks of LEAD in a city’s Drinking Water as in the recent instance of Flint Michigan. The reality is that the Flint Drinking Water problem was a fluke, but flukes do happen. Additionally, the Drinking Water is often contaminated by the buildings pipe connection to the city’s supply main, or even with an older building’s pipes solder joints.

Both the Municipalities’ Drinking Water mains and the building’s connecting pipes occasionally over time and under the right circumstances can accumulate a biofilm of bacteria which can impact the quality of Drinking Water. Air Guys is uniquely prepared to conduct Drinking Water tests and assist the client in locating and correcting any such problems.
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