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Basement Renovation

Air Guys Construction is the leading company in the Hudson Valley area for basement remodeling services. We have over 30 years of experience providing first-rate basement finishing and installation, working in collaboration with homeowners to create the basement of their dreams.

If you decided to partner with Air Guys Construction, you will not have to worry. Just leave the stress of basement remodeling to us.

Drainage and waterproofing may need to be performed before basement renovation starts. Get in touch with Air Guys Construction for info on whether these services are needed.

Drainage and Waterproofing

We understand that discovering water in your basement can cause substantial stress, but you don’t need to worry. With all our years of experience we’ve just about seen it all. No matter what kind of moisture issue your basement has, we can take care of it whether it’s seeping cracks, water seeping from below the floor, or moisture building up on the walls. If you notice any kind of excess moisture in your basement, call us immediately before it becomes a huge problem.

When it comes to moisture in the basement, it’s usually best to start with the source. These issues are often related to water drainage. You have many alternatives to run excess water from your basement and yard. Because no two homes are alike, drainage systems are unique to each home. Your drainage system depends on your home’s structure and location. You have a number of choices to select from with regard to diverting excess water from your basement. Rest assured, Air Guys Construction will figure out the issue and develop a plan to correct it.
Even if your basement is a junk-packed room with a concrete floor it’s most likely among the most desirable spots in your home! Treat it like any of the rooms you have above ground, and it might become your favorite place for less money than building an addition to your home. Basements comprise slightly less than a third of the entire available space in an average home, usually between 600 to 900 sq. ft. Most basements are full of space that is underutilized.

Basement Drywall, Insulation, and Paint

Insulation and drywall work together to hold cold air and keep moisture away from the basement. Our basement renovation crew knows how important it is to have a continuous layer across the whole basement.

When it comes to insulation, it is much more difficult to put it in after a basement is finished. If you have a team like ours that does excellent work on the insulation around the entire perimeter of the basement, it’s not as necessary for interior walls and closets. Every type of insulation has an R-rating. The higher the R-rating, the better it will be at keeping moisture and cool air out of your home.

We also offer painting services. This finishing touch is just as important to us as it is for you. We know that clean lines and crisp corners are paramount. You can elevate the look of your basement by adding a fresh coat of paint.
At Air Guys Construction, we understand the value of a clean, functional basement in your home. We not only prevent water from damaging your basement, we improve it by using materials that stand up to water, mold and moisture damage.

A moist basement may fill the air you breathe with musty odors and mold spores. As your home settles, the foundation may crack and water can seep into your basement. Don’t allow the water to continuously damage everything in its path, get in touch with the experts at Air Guys Construction for long-lasting basement waterproofing solutions.

Air Guys Construction provides a range of options to choose from for wall insulation, paint, drywall, lighting, trim, basement baths, wet bars, and basement kitchens. We believe that a finished basement can be an extension of the home’s main living area, with a seamless transition to maximize the use of the new area.

Basement Kitchens and Bars

Air Guys Construction offers quality basement remodeling and finishing services to turn your basement into an oasis for entertaining guests. Whether you want a place to watch the big game or a game room for your teens to gather, we can assist.

A wet bar or eat-in kitchen can be added to your basement. The services we offer include kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and laundry room installation including plumbing, heating, and other important options that you can add to your finished basement.

Any time you create an extra kitchen space, bathroom, bedroom or great room in your house, you will likely add more value. If you use it as an entertainment space, the next owner may need that room for a mother-in-law apartment. The new area will become an in invaluable asset.
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