Air Guys are just a great company that has helped my company in any number of ways. They are quick, smart, clean, professional, and they do what they say they are going to do. I recommend the team at Air Guys without reservation.

Brian Bland

iMold, Inc.

I had a kitchen sink plumbing problem caused by the deep freeze this past January. The Air Guys people came highly recommended from Servpro, who were sent out by my insurance company. The Servpro people found some mold, and told me that we had to stop work until an assessment was done. The Air Guys came out the same day, and I had my report the next day. My project wasn’t slowed down at all, thanks to them. I would recommend them.

Dawn McGee

Middletown, NY

I run a large manufacturing facility in Orange County, NY. I had an employee complaining that his office was making him sick. Nothing specific, but he was concerned that there might be mold. I called a contractor buddy of mine, and he told me to call the Air Guys. They were out here the same day. The inspected, and told me what my obligations were under the OSHA guidelines. They tested that day, and I had my report the next day. They are good. I am keeping their info. Definitely a great company.

Mike Peterson

Newburgh, NY

My contracting company handles all sorts of projects. We usually sub out the  mold and water damage restoration work, and have been doing so for many years in the tri-state area. A lot of the “inspection” guys come and go, and can be unreliable. Air Guys is different. When I call or text, they always pick up right away, or get back to me quickly. They are super efficient, and they handle all the environmental stuff for me, so that I can focus on my work of getting my clients place put back together. I recommend Air Guys.

Mark Steinberg

Monroe, NY

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